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Something Great


We’re looking for outgoing, ambitious, hardworking individuals to join our tight-knit team.

Bringing together people with the right combination of skills, experience, culture and values to serve our clients and grow a business is a mix of art and science. We continuously work to build a better company each day and we are appreciative of your time in learning more about us!  The following are benefits we offer our employees:

If you are looking for a family oriented company where your ideas are seen and heard, you are in the right place!

We strive to pay a fair wage to each employee. The primary driver of wage increases is related to skills, performance and proficiency.  You will be paid on a bi-weekly basis – every other Friday.

You are eligible for a discretionary bonus, based on company profits.

During years 2-9 you are granted 3 weeks PTO.  Upon 10 years, you are granted 4 weeks PTO.

Allowance for Maternity/Paternity leave, Bereavement and Market Holidays. If our office goals are met, we do not work the week between Christmas and New Years!

The office closes at 3pm.

It is ideal to have all employees working in the office. However, we understand that sometimes you might need to work from home.  Our systems are set up to allow this…especially in bad weather!

We’re flexible and allow time-off to go to the doctor, dentist, optometrist etc.

We pay 100% for your dental and vision insurance.  During your first 3 years, we pay 50% of your health insurance (single or family coverage).  During your 4th and 5th year of employment, we pay 75% of your health insurance.  After 5 years of employment, we pay 100% of your health insurance. 

We offer a Simple Plan with a 3% company match.

We’re doing our best to get involved and make a difference in our community.  On at least a quarterly basis, we offer opportunities to volunteer to the charities that mean the most to us personally.

We encourage you to keep learning! Continuing education and professional designations are very important for personal and professional growth.  We will reimburse you for the costs associated with study materials, exams and license fees when obtained.

We believe team building is essential to strengthening and maintaining positive working relationships.  Traveling together is the perfect way to socialize, relax and unwind away from the office!  Determined on an annual basis.