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Rishi Ghosh

Join Advisor and Owner Rishi Ghosh of Wheelhouse Advisory Group for one of our upcoming events to learn about the following topics in easy-to-understand terms:

  • How to protect your money against future drops in the market without completely sacrificing the chance to grow your money now

  • Actions you should take now to lock-in your tax savings before the sunset of the Trump Tax Law

  • The new SECURE Act and how you can avoid a big tax hit to yourself and your beneficiaries

  • Wills vs. trusts and how to avoid probate

  • How to navigate taxes in the current environment

  • Learn the advantage of tax planning rather than tax preparation

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Our seminars focus on common financial concerns that individuals and families face in retirement, things like how to prepare for unexpected medical expenses and ways to create income to help support your desired lifestyle.

Attend one of our seminars to learn how addressing these concerns can help you feel more confident about the days ahead.

Upcoming Events


August 13
6:00 pm | Chesterfield
August 15
6:00 pm | Chesterfield
September 10
6:00 pm | St. Louis
September 12
6:00 pm | St. Louis
September 18
6:00 pm | St. Peters
September 19
6:00 pm | St. Peters
December 10
6:00 pm | St. Louis
December 12
6:00 pm | St. Louis


November 6
6:00 pm | O’Fallon
November 7
6:00 pm | O’Fallon

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