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Nearing Retirement

Ready to retire or already in retirement

Our Clients' Children

Nearing Retirement

We help individuals and families who are within 5 years from retirement. Working with a retirement planning professional before you retire allows you to be confident in the decisions that you will be faced with in the coming years, such as if you should take the lump sum option of your pension or monthly payments, and if you should keep contributing to your 401(k) plan or start converting or contributing to Roth accounts while you're still earning an income.

Ready to Retire or Already in Retirement

If you are currently facing an early retirement decision or you are already retired, we are here to help. Planning for your income needs when you no longer have earned income can be a daunting task. We work closely with families and individuals who are already retired to come up with a written plan that accounts for all three pillars of retirement planning including income planning, and estate and tax planning strategies to keep you retired successfully while still enjoying the life you've been looking forward to.

Our Clients' Children

Here at Wheelhouse Advisory Group, we believe in building a generational practice. Meaning we think it is important to begin relationships with the families and adult children of our clients so that when the inevitable happens we are a familiar face to help guide them through the financial decisions and processes that follow the loss of a family member. While we do not typically work with individuals or families who are still in the accumulation phase of their financial lives, we are happy to make an exception for our clients' children.

Who's not a good fit for Wheelhouse

Many folks who are looking for a retirement financial planner think the vetting process is a one-way street. Here at Wheelhouse we believe the relationship needs to be mutual and the vetting process goes both ways. Below are some examples of people who are not typically a good fit for our practice and our processes.

Narrow minded

Individuals and families who focus on the small pieces or parts of their portfolio or plan without considering the bigger picture and how all of the pieces work together congruently.

Multi-Advisor Approach

We are not a good fit for those who are looking to maintain relationships with multiple financial advisors. We believe this prevents us from having all of the information and flexibility to create a truly strategic and holistic plan.

Expect Guarantees of Stock Market Returns

While investments are an important part of a retirement plan, those who are focused on investment returns versus financial planning are usually not a good fit for our practice.

Still Saving or Building a Nest Egg

We are retirement planning professionals and we choose to work with individuals and families who are nearing or already in the distribution phase of life. Meaning, that they have done a great job of building wealth and their main goal now to is to protect their wealth as they move into the phase of life where they will be drawing down accounts instead of living off earned income.

Self Managers

Many individuals and families have great success in managing their finances and investments during the accumulation phase of life. We are happy to take those people on as clients once they see the value of working with a retirement planning professional. However, we are not interested in working with people who still want to manage the majority of their portfolio or approve every trade made of the assets under our management