Financial Planning

One of the most important ways investors can endure the up-and-down nature of investment markets is to have a financial plan in place. To us, a sound financial plan includes the following key components:

Establishing specific Financial Goals

A timeline for reaching those goals

An asset allocation strategy

An appropriately constructed portfolio that includes liquidity options

One of the reasons Wheelhouse recommends having a financial plan is to help investors avoid panic selling. If you have considered the growth potential and market risks of each of your investments, a plan can help you avoid losses and stay on course to meet your goals.


What are you missing?

Without a plan, you may be subject to emotional responses and sell for a significant loss because you can’t take the stress of watching your investments lose money day after day. Perhaps the greatest value of a sound financial plan may be the ease of mind that helps you weather market volatility.

There can be more than one path to meet your financial goals. If your current asset allocation strategy is giving you cause for concern, you may want to discuss your options with a professional.

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