Health Care Planning

Most of us plan for the things we enjoy when we’re thinking about retirement.  However, we may not stop to consider the one thing that can make or break all of our retirement plans: our health.

Are you confident in your plan to cover future health care expenses?

A confident retirement rests in keeping our health at its best for as long as we can and being prepared to cover the costs as our bodies begin to show their age. Yet how can you predict how much money you will need to cover health care expenses later?

While having access to Medicare benefits helps many retirees, original Medicare Parts A and B do not include coverage for dental, vision, or hearing services.  If you will turn age 65 soon and become Medicare eligible, your financial professional can provide guidance on the parts of Medicare and what you’ll need to know.

Wheelhouse can help create a plan designed to help you protect yourself against rising healthcare costs, which may include planning for major medical and analyzing options for a Long-Term Care Plan.

A Plan as Unique as You

When it comes to your health, it is impossible to predict the future.  It is, however, possible to be prepared for a variety of scenarios.  The key lies in understanding the available options and creating a strategy that fits your unique circumstances.

An experienced financial professional can help build a plan that addresses all your questions and prepares for the “what-ifs” related to not only health issues but also to your retirement as a whole.


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